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Access threat on the Wolf River

April 02, 2018 06:00AM
To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing to make you aware of a rapidly developing issue that threatens paddling access on sections II and III of the Wolf River in northeast Wisconsin. Recently, ATV/UTV clubs have been pushing for an amendment to the Upper Wolf River Fishery Area management plan and for approval of grant applications for the construction of a bridge across the Wolf at Langlade for ATV/UTV use. Construction of a bridge at this site would disrupt access at a critical site, the takeout for section II and the put-in for "long" section III. This is a time sensitive issue since a special meeting of the Langlade County Forestry and Recreation Committee has been called for this Thursday, April 5th, to discuss and vote on the issue. Paddlers who are concerned about continued access at this site need to make their concerns known to the committee members regarding the push by ATV clubs to gain approval for these actions before other stakeholder groups can be made aware of the proposals and the potential impacts on the access they have enjoyed for decades. This process must be slowed down to allow appropriate input from all the groups affected and to allow assessment of alternatives to siting the bridge at this location. These concerns need to be expressed to the following:

David J. Solin--County Board Chairman
N6411 Vacha Ln.
Deerbrook, WI 54424

Ron Nye, Forestry/Recreation Committee Chair and
Langlade County Board Vice-Chair
N1842 Highway 45 South
Antigo, WI 54409

Samuel Hardin
1515 N. Superior St.
Antigo, WI 54409

Duff Leaver
W4104 Highway 64
Bryant, WI 54418

Joseph Novak
N1986 Pit Road
Antigo, WI 54409

Don Scupien
P.O. Box 522
Antigo, WI 54409

Again, this is a time sensitive issue since these board members need to hear about your concerns before the meeting this Thursday, April 5th,

Thank You,

Brian Heikenen
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Access threat on the Wolf River

rapidsriders 369 April 02, 2018 06:00AM

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