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Safety Support Needed

October 01, 2018 06:47AM
The Loppet Foundation is helping support the Red Bull Urban Portage race on Sat, October 13. Any experienced paddlers that would be interested in helping by providing safety support to the racers, (e.g. with throw bags) would be much appreciated.

The race traverses a number of waterways: Bde Maka Ska to Isles to Cedar to Brownie to Wirth to Bassett Creek to Sweeney/Twin Lakes.

Some motorboat support on Bde Maka Ska/Isles is planned, but some additional safety kayaks couldn't hurt. And certainly a few more for Cedar/Brownie, Wirth and Sweeney/Twin section.

The race starts at 9:00am. Racers are expected to be on Bde Maka Ska to Brownie from about 9:00-10:30. On Wirth 9:45-11:30 and Sweeney/Twin 10:15-1:00.

Contact Paul Johnson Event and Operations Coordinator via email: johnson@loppet.org for more information.
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Safety Support Needed

rapidsriders 333 October 01, 2018 06:47AM

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