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SUPER-FANTASTIC-NEWS RE: Kettle River's "Surf City"!!!

October 14, 2018 04:02AM
At the put-in to Triple Drop (a.k.a. "Big Spring Falls") on the Kettle River yesterday, I ran into a Line Worker from Minnesota Power. We chatted it up to where I mentioned I was headed down to "Surf City" at the old Kettle Dam Site. He brought up how the Substation down there, only serving three lines, was getting too expensive to maintain. This was especially so due to several blowouts (which I saw the crews repairing last Summer) and hunyucks using the resisters and capacitors for .22 target practice.

Short story long -- MN Power will be removing the Substation next year and with it THE ACCESS ROAD GATE. In fact, I saw a grouping of Oil Barrels already stationed within the compound to offload various toxins. Stating the obvious, we'll now be able to once more park down there at the end of a full run or Park & Play day. To say the least, I vociferously thanked him to say how much this will be appreciated by the kayaking/canoodeling community!!!

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SUPER-FANTASTIC-NEWS RE: Kettle River's "Surf City"!!!

Bobzilla 356 October 14, 2018 04:02AM

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