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HAZARD / Bike - Vermillion River

August 26, 2019 08:22AM
Yeah, a bike in the Verm. What's new about that? Well, it is "new" as it happened yesterday, 8/25. Some punk @#$%& kids threw a bike off the upstream side of Railroad Bridge. We had just (thankfully) moved on but I saw them do it and saw it hit. As far as I could tell, it landed some 20ft. upstream of Railroad Hole (well, what's left of RH). So it - may - have washed down by now or got stuck in a bad spot. I didn't want to paddle back up to investigate and get nailed.

So that's the FYI. Again, chances are it washed down and will "show itself" in the slack pool below but be on the lookout.

Your CORS# is 19-230003. Your E - Police Report has been successfully submitted. You will be getting a confirmation mail once the reference number is generated.

Your online report with reference number - 19-230003 has been Approved.

If you have any questions, please contact the Hastings Police Department at (651) 480-2300

Thank You,

Hastings Police Department

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HAZARD / Bike - Vermillion River

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